How much is it to attend Harvest Gathering?  If you click onto the Registration Link on our website, you will find all the different types of Pass from Harvest Gathering.  Prices vary depending upon which option you choose.

Do you offer day passes?  No.

Do you offer scholarships?  Yes, we have Partial and Full scholarships available in exchange for work shifts. contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested,

Do I have to stay at the camp? No, you are welcome to stay off-site. 

Can I park my car near my cabin or my tent? Depending on where your cabin or tent is, we do allow cars on property. See the Staff member at the CWPN tent for more details as you check in.

I don’t have transportation, how can I get to the event?  We suggest joining our Facebook event page. You can put a post there to see if anyone is coming from the area you are and if they would be willing to car pool with you.  You can also contact Greyhound or Metro North to see if there is service from where you live to Orange, Connecticut.

I’m on a special diet, what is the food plan? The food plan this year has a few options, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free in addition to carnivorous foods. We do recommend that if you have special dietary needs or have food allergies to bring your own food. 

Can I bring my grill from home? The camp allows portable gas camp stoves and has stone barbeque grills sprinkled around the camp for your use. They does not provide charcoal.

I would like to be a presenter at HG, how can I do that?  Please refer to the “Interested in Speaking” link on our website for details.  HG has grown to be quite popular and we are booking speakers 1 to 2 years in advance.

How can I recognize who is on staff?  All staff will be wearing identification throughout the weekend. There are staff members at the CWPN and Registration table during the day as well.

Can we use our cell phones at HG?  We know it’s hard to get away from the cell phones, but we discourage using them during classes and meals. You will be asked to turn off all cell phones for rituals.

Can I pay with a check or credit card for items I buy from vendors?  That’s entirely up to the Vendor.

Is the campground handicap accessible? The site itself is not handicap friendly. If you require the use of a wheelchair or other walking assistance equipment, there may be some mobility issues with the terrain and some of the class/workshops locations.

Is there food being sold at HG? No, there are plenty of food stores and restaurants within a 5 minute drive from the camp. We have had a coffee vendor in the past that sells little treats besides hot and iced coffees.

Is there anywhere nearby if I need food and/or supplies? There are a number of stores within 5 minute drive from camp.

Does HG sell ice? No, but we will be doing 1 ice run in the morning. You can speak to the staff member at the CWPN tent for details and times.

Can I bring my pets? No, we ask that you leave your fur family at home. 

How can I get updated information or see who else is planning on going? Join our Facebook event page, were we put live updates, chats and around how many people are planning on attending. Find friends, invite friends. If you are not on Facebook, come out to some of the CWPN events or CTPPD, many times updates and discussion about HG happens there.

What if I have more questions not listed here? You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.