The CWPN coordinated with Camp Cedarcrest,
the home of Harvest Gathering to revamp the fire pit and 
surrounding area. 
We are able to do this from contributions
from our community. Below is a list of contributors who are 
dear family and friends of CWPN's Harvest Gathering family. 
Each one of you is a spark of flame that ignites this spiritual fire.
Lisa Tonner
Cori Burke
Darlene and Steve Marks
Jacki Charette
Charlie Beisser and Pat Graf 
            In Memory of Thomas Graf and Bren Shepherd
Elizabeth Dillen LaBarca
Karen Storminger
Tony Griego
Kelli-Ann B
Kerri DeBlasi
Rev. Karen
John Oberg
Dark Wing
Carol Hayes
Chris Swiderski
Sarah Castrovinci
Jimmy Clark 
Melissa Jacouzzi at
Cee Elle
Sandy Nutter
Doug Yeager
Malia Re