Laura WildmanHanlonLaura Wildman-Hanlon is the author of "What’s Your Wicca I.Q?" (Citadel Press 2002), "Wiccan Meditations" (Citadel Press 2003), and "Celebrating the Pagan Soul" (Citadel Press 2005). Her ground breaking research on “Generational Retention within the New Religious Movement of Neo-Paganism” is scheduled to be published this year by Routledge Press in a book collection on Pagan studies (Barb Davy, ed).


Laura’s involvement with the Pagan Community dates back to the mid-80s when she helped to found New Moon, a Pagan Networking Organization in Boston , Mass. In 1990, she brought the idea to New York City where she started another branch of this same group. In the later 1990s, she helped to create Cherry Hill Seminary, a virtual Pagan seminary offering Professional Pagan Ministry and Leadership Education ( and for many years held the position of Academic Dean. She co-teaches the university course “Witchcraft: Myth to Reality” at the University of Massachusetts and is a guest speaker at various university classes, Pagan gatherings and festivals.

Throughout the years Laura has developed a strong interest in the creation of modern rituals and rites of passage ceremonies, in particular the rite of marriage. As a legally recognized Priestess in her home state of Massachusetts, Laura has officiated over 200 wedding/handfasting ceremonies and teaches the course on Wedding Officiation at Cherry Hill Seminary. She is the Priestess of Apple & Oak, a coven in the Proteus/Gardnerian tradition. A long time member of the Covenant of the Goddess, she is an interfaith representative and sits on the Religious Advisory Committee at UMass.