Laura LenhardLaura Lenhard has been reading tarot and palms for over twenty years, and believes that validation via a psychic reading can be wonderful evidence of Divine oversight within our daily lives. Raised in Southern California, she brought with her to Connecticut her lifelong fascination with the metaphysical world, along with a deep-rooted belief in the concept of Universal Spirituality.  A deep respect for all spiritual paths and love for the natural world combined with her vision for a unique shop filled with all things mystical, magical and natural.

This dream was realized when Talisman, located in Monroe, opened in April of 2007. She now work to educate and share information regarding the metaphysical and spiritual realms through her day-to-day interactions with patrons at the shop, guest appearances on various radio shows, Talisman’s monthly newsletter and as a blog writer for Hearst Publications' Connecticut based newspapers.