Courtney WeberCourtney Weber is a Priestess, writer, Tarot Advisor, performer and activist originally from Portland, OR. She received ordination as a Priestess of Pan from Rev. Cyn DeFay of the Cluan-Feart Mystery School in 2005 and a Third Degree Initiation as a Priestess of Brid from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in 2009. She is the HPS of Novices of the Old Ways, a Progressive Wiccan and Pagan group based in New York City and Portland, Oregon.

Courtney is a Masters of Divinity Candidate at Union Theological Seminary. She is the producer and designer of “Tarot of the Boroughs,” a contemporary, Urban Tarot deck set in New York City with photography by George Courtney. Since beginning the study of Tarot at the age of 15, Courtney has gained a national clientel base and is a highly popular Tarot consultant at corporate, community and underground arts events in the Northeast Region including Harvest Gathering, Pagan Odyssey, New York Pagan Pride Day, the Tahuti Lodge of New York City, the Pagan Center of New York, Brid's Closet and Delmarva Pagan Pride. For two years, Courtney wrote (under the pen-name of Sister Mary Manhattan) the weekly cult-favorite and astrology columns on and Courtney has been a recurring guest on Beyond the Worlds Tarot podcast and featured on Second Sight Paranormal podcast as a consultant on Witchcraft. As a Progressive Wiccan, her practice focuses heavily on trance possession, social justice, the evolution of American Witchcraft and ministerial training for Wiccans and Pagans. Stalk her daily habits at, Twitter @cocotarot or BUY THE GODDAMNED TAROT DECK at