James StoneJames Stone has been a student and practitioner of the occult arts and sciences for more than 25 years, and is the co-founder of C.R.O.W. the Ceremonial and Ritual Order of Witches. His personal practices include elements of witchcraft, shamanism, music, martial arts, ceremonial magic, and Thelema. He has spent a lifetime exploring subjects that complement and illuminate his path such as comparative religion/mythology, Jungian psychology, postmodernism, Qabala, and symbology.

Approaching spirituality with both a sense of the sacred and a sense of humor he has synthesized a unique perspective that continues to evolve, educate and entertain, while infuriating fundamentalists of all kinds. Born in Ignorant Bliss, U.S.A., he currently resides in the state of Paradox with his love and Schrodinger’s cat. Or does he?