Rev. Karen is the 3rd Degree Keeper of the Correllian Witan Shrine of the Universal Dance serving mid-state Connecticut. With her clergy specialization in Sacred Dance she has danced at Sabbats, Esbats, festivals, gatherings, celebrations, coffee houses, entertainment venues and private functions all over the state.

She has taught Sacred Dance at the Church of Eternal Light, Interpretive Dance at the Bristol Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Elemental Dances at CWPN’s Ostara Fiesta, Mill Dances at CTPPD’s Beltaine and private lessons. In addition she sang and danced with the group Adala. Karen is a member of the Correllian Order of Eagle, Order of Artificers, Order of Self Reliant Living, and the Order of Muses. At the Correllian Lustration of the Ancestors in April 2011, Karen was awarded the Tradition’s Order of the Iron Pentacle for outstanding service in the field of teaching.