BillieJo has been a student, practitioner, and teacher of the metaphysical and spiritual arts for 21 years. After decades of walking her chosen pathways she became adept in arts such as tarot, ritual construction and spell work, gem and mineral vibrational work, New Thought/Science of Mind motivational techniques and strategies for living, and Usui Reiki (2nd Degree). She is also well versed in the areas of naturopathic and homeopathic health care.

BillieJo has been a sought-after professional tarot reader since 2003. She has been a coven leader and currently teaches motivational mind science to a private group of students in her hometown. She graduated college with a fine arts degree and works professionally as an artist and gallerist.

Her deep level understanding of these arts, gained through so many years of devoted study and practice, with all of their attendant pains and rewards, led to what could only be described as a “calling.” That call, which she answered, came from both deep inside herself and outwardly from the Universe — to become a guide for other seekers and travelers, with a heart and mind directed toward lessening the pains and increasing the rewards as they travel their own chosen paths.