Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi

Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi are a well-established and popular teaching team in the ways of Old World Witchcraft.  They are frequent return guest speakers and workshop presenters at conventions and festivals all across the United States.

Raven is an award winning author of seventeen+ books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and Inner Mystery Traditions.  He is a practitioner and teacher with over 40 years of experience.  Raven’s newest title, published by Red Wheel Weiser, isGrimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch, released August 2014 .  Raven has dedicated his life to the research, writing and preservation of the ancient Pre-Christian European ways of that are our ancestral roots.

Stephanie is a practitioner of Witchcraft with over 20 years’ experience, and is a third degree Priestess of Irish Celtic Wicca, and Stregheria (Italian Witchraft).   She is currently the co-directing Elder of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition.   In addition, Stephanie is a long-experienced Astrologer,  Tarot reader, and co-creator & co-author of two Oracles decks: The Well Worn Path, and The Hidden Path.

In 2006, Raven and Stephanie formed the Ash, Birch and Willow system of Witchcraft, and together they co-direct and co-teach the ABW Tradition through the Fellowship of the Pentacle (a Mystery School devoted to preserving pre-Christian European traditions). In addition, Raven and Stephanie offer home study courses on older forms of Witchcraft ( with students around the globe) through the Fellowship website and have an internet store, www.RavensLoft.biz , which has been dedicated to providing items for your spiritual and magical practice for over 15 years.  To find out more information please visit https://www.HouseofGrimassi.com 

Communing with the Ancestors

There is power passed through the Generations from those who came before us.  Join Raven and Stephanie Grimassi for a workshop exploring the nature of the ancestors and the realm in which they dwell. The workshop focuses on our relationship with them and why the soul reincarnates in specific bloodlines. Also explored is our threefold being in the Material World: elemental body, human mind and soul consciousness.  Attendees will work with a special tool and concept known as the Spirit-Rider.

Embracing the Greenwood Realm

It is an ancient belief that all things possess some form of consciousness.  This consciousness appears in such things as nature spirits and other beings.  Join authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi for an informative talk on plant spirits, the Greenwood Realm, its magic, and the return of humankind to living in “common cause” with Nature. Included in this talk is a focus on the concept of the body and spirit of plants.  Are plants aware and do they feel pain and emotion?  These and other questions are addressed in this fascinating subject.

Lady of the Fields and Lord of the Barley: A Ritual Celebration of the Harvest Season

The Ash, Birch and Willow tradition of Witchcraft performs a Harvest Season ritual rooted in ancient ways and presented in modern days.  The ritual focuses on the elemental forces, the spirit of the land, and the divine emanation manifesting as goddess (Lady of the Fields) and god (Lord of the Barley).  Come and share in the blessings of the Harvest energy and receive a token to take the seasonal blessings home with you.


Lora O’Brien

Lora O’Brien is a native Irish woman with strong experience in our history, heritage, archaeology, mythology, & Irish Spirituality.  You could call her Pagan, Witch, Druid, Priestess or Shaman, and you wouldn’t be wrong, although she doesn’t call herself anything but a Draoí – a practitioner of indigenous Irish magic and spirituality, in the simplest terms. 

While working for 8 years as the General Manager at Cruachán - Rathcroghan Royal Site in Co. Roscommon, Lora was honoured to guide visitors both physically and spiritually to Oweynagat, the Cave of the Cats, the real life entrance to the Irish Otherworld.

She is still a tour guide (by special appointment only), a teacher, and writes Irish heritage articles and books, including: her earliest work ‘Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch’; ‘A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality’ in 2012, which combines her psychology studies with very accessible information and technique to provide a clear pathway for connection to Ireland; and the forthcoming 'A Practical Guide to Irish Magic' (Llewellyn, 2017).

Lora is a co-founder and legal Reverend with the Irish Pagan Life Rites organization, has been consciously following a pagan path for 21 years, and is a dedicated Priestess of the Morrigan for over 13 years. It's hard work, but the benefits are... no, actually. It's just hard work.

Safely Working with Hearth/Home Sidhe

Everybody wants to work with Fairies (unless you’ve taken one of Lora’s other classes on the Sidhe – then maybe not so much?) – but how do you do manage them in your home without being over-run, or worse – never being able to find ANYTHING you’re looking for? In this class we’ll talk types of Sidhe, when and how to work with them, and how to stay safe in the process.

Journey to the Morrigan’s Cave

Where does the Morrigan hang her hat? (So to speak, there is no literal hat here.) Find out with a Guided Journey using Lora’s unique native Irish journeying technique to get you safely there and back. What happens when you meet Herself is between you and Her though…

Family Ancestry

Your ancestors are dead, of course, but how do you still keep them present? (Spiritually, not literally – that’s a whole other class you guys!) Lora will talk bloodlines, your Irish connection through other forms of ancestry than genetics, and look at practical ways to work with the power and presence of Irish ancestry by your hearth – wherever you call home.


Jhenah Telyndru

Jhenah Telyndru holds an MA in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David, and has a bachelor’s degree in archaeology. The founder of the Sisterhood of Avalon, Jhenah’s published works include "Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery, and Inner Wisdom", “The Avalonian Oracle: Spiritual Wisdom from the Holy

Isle”, “Journeys to Avalon: Immrama to the Holy Isle”, "Trancing the Inner Landscape: Avalonian Landscape Postures”, and has several more works due out this year. Jhenah teaches four day residential training retreats around North America and the UK, and facilitates pilgrimages to sacred sites in the British Isles and Ireland through Mythic Seeker Tours. She is a frequent presenter and guest speaker at academic conferences, religious symposia, Women’s Spirituality gatherings, and Pagan festivals. Co-facilitator of Ithaca Red Tent, and co-coordinator of local World Goddess Day events, Jhenah also teaches workshops on writing, tarot, Celtic Paganism, and the Divine Feminine in Ithaca, New York. A priestess in the Avalonian Tradition for over 25 years, Jhenah has been active in the Goddess Spirituality movement since 1986. For more information about Jhenah's work and offerings, please visit her website: www.ynysafallon.com

Embodying Avalon

A place of pilgrimage since time immemorial, the unique transformational energies ofthe Glastonbury landscape have always been considered sacred. Believed by some to be the heart chakra of the planet, the place where ancient Avalon may have once dwelt still attracts spiritual seekers from all over the world. Together, we will explore the symbolic significance of major sites in the Glastonbury landscape, discuss their mythic and historic context, and highlight their relevance to the spiritual pilgrim of today. Accompanied by drumming, we will have an opportunity to experience a trance posture journey to the Holy Isle in a safe, sacred, and supported environment.

Entering the Cauldron of Ceridwen: Walking the Path of Avalon

A foundational overview of the Avalonian Tradition, we will draw upon the rich heritage of Celtic British mythology and the vibrant powers of its Sacred Landscape to explore the Avalonian Cycle of Healing — and effective paradigm of inner transformation found encoded in the initiatory symbolism of the Cauldron of Ceridwen. Discover how to reclaim the Quest for the Holy Vessel of Wisdom andInspiration and use it to enliven our Inner Landscapes with its healing power.

Welcome Brigid

Come share authentic devotional practices in honor of thrice-blessed Brigid, beloved Goddess of the fires of creation. We will hear stories in honor of She who aids in the birth of children, guides our hands at the forge of art, and blesses our tongues with the gifts of poetry. We will lift our voices in song as we craft traditional Brigid’s crosses, spend time in connection with waters drawn directly from Her holy well at Kildare, and receive a spark of Imbas gifted from the source of Her eternal flame in Ireland which has been tended by the nuns of Solas Bhride since 1993.


Patricia Lafayllve

Patricia Lafayllve is a published author whose works include "Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess" and the forthcoming "A Practical Heathen's Guide to Asatru." She has been pagan since 1987, a trance worker for nineteen years, and a heathen for fourteen years. Patricia is a long-time member and leader in an organization called The Troth, which is a resource for heathenry. She has served The Troth as the Connecticut and New England Steward, the High Steward, a Redeswoman, Assistant Steerswoman and Steerswoman. She founded The Troth's Lore Program, was its first Provost, and is currently serving as a Dean. She is a Troth-certified Godwoman, or member of the Clergy. Patricia is a Freyjasgythja and a proud member of Two Ravens Kindred.

Frigga: Lady of the Hearth

Join Patricia Lafayllve as she discusses the Norse goddess Frig, or Frigga.  Frigga is the wife of Odin, shares his High Seat, and is mentioned in many myths as the ranking goddess in Asgard.  We will explore what that means in terms of the mythology and in terms of broader Norse culture.

Frigga Ritual

In this ritual, we call out to and honor the goddess Frigga.  Frigga is the ranking goddess in Asgard, and one of many hearth-related deities.  This ritual will most closely resemble a blot (rhymes with "boat") as seen in modern heathenry.

Bernadette Montana

Bernadette Montana has been teaching and practicing Wicca, the Tarot and Native American practices for over 30 years. She is a 3rd degree priestess in the Alexandrian tradition and Progressive ways under Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, a tribal member and pipe carrier of the Sun Bear tribe (an all nations tribe), and a tribal member of the Baramaya tribe (Taino bloodline). Currently a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, Bernadette has given classes in the Tarot, and in Wicca, in shops all over Orange County NY. These shops include The Sugar Loaf Inn, Windows to the Sky, Sunshine Studios and others. She currently owns her own metaphysical shop in Cornwall, NY called Brid's Closet. Bernadette also facilitates events and festivals in Orange County NY, such as The Beltane Festival in Cornwall and The Yule Celebration in New Windsor, and organizes The Newburgh and Cornwall Witches Meet-Up (the largest meet-up group in the lower Hudson Valley area)

Knot magick and Spinning

Knot magic is one of the oldest forms of manifestation known to mankind. Bernadette will be demonstrating how to spin wool (she will be bringing her spinning wheel) and how it can be used in magic. She will also bring wool (known as roving) and a few drop spindles for those that would like to do this art by hand.

Bonnie Landry

Bonnie Landry is a Druid with a focus in the Celtic and Gaulish hearth cultures and has been a member of Ar nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship since 2005. She is also a First Order member of the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA) and a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. Currently, Bonnie is an officer (Treasurer) of Charter Oak Grove, an ADF Grove located in Glastonbury, CT, and was a founder of Ocean's Tide Grove, formerly of Rhode Island. Bonnie is a minister of the Universal Life Church and Monastery, and is working towards Ordination in ADF.

Introduction to Druidry: from lore to modern practice

What is Druidry? Where did it come from, and, how does it differ from Wicca or modern elements? In this workshop we will go through some of the basics, including: who we thought the Druids were, what we know about who or what they really were, misconceptions and truths, differences in Druidry (with a focus on ADF Druidry) and Wicca, the Druid reviva and modern day Druidry, ADF Druidry and its structure, resources/sources

The Mechanics of Druid Ritual

Why does ritual succeed?, Why does it fail?, Why don't we cast a circle?, How do I keep my eyebrows around the fire?, How do you organize hundreds of attendees without the ritual lasting six hours?, What do you do when someone gets their hand stuck in an offering jar? These are just some of the concepts - philosophical and physical - we will explore as we go through the Core Order of an ADF Druid ritual from start to finish. At the end of the workshop, we'll take the knowledge we've learned about organization structure and etiquette of ritual and use that to come up with a short Core-Order working together.

Mundane, Sacred, Profane - the arts of offering, reciprocity and devotion

In this workshop we will dive right into the ideas that make ritual offerings and sacrifices meaningful and personal and will discuss the concept of *ghosti, or reciprocity, between the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, Shining Ones and within ourselves within ritual. Prayer structure, how to write an offering or invocation, and some practical hands-on tips for working scripted or without will all be elements of this workshop.


Tracy Andryc

Tracy Andryc has been sharing her love of the labyrinth since her first walk on its path in 1998. She sees the labyrinth as a universal tool that can be used in a magical/spiritual context, regardless of your religious path. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master and owner of One Path Labyrinth Ventures. She takes a holistic approach to her labyrinth work by incorporating other modalities such as crystal grids, sound and sacred dance. For almost two decades, she has facilitated workshops and rituals on the labyrinth and other topics at venues throughout New England. Tracy lives in Massachusetts, with her husband, three adult kids and three step-kids, happily playing with clay.

Opening the Gateway

Would you like to learn how to build a temporary labyrinth and facilitate a labyrinth ritual? This is the workshop for you! By creating a labyrinth we can open an energetic gateway to All That Is. With ritual, song, dance, and creativity we will open a sacred space for peace and healing. We’ll build the labyrinth with natural objects of the land and offer it to the community as a place to connect to spirit and receive healing with a labyrinth walk at nightfall. Those who are interested are invited to assist in facilitating the community walk in the illuminated labyrinth.

The Labyrinth: 4,000 Years of Mystery and Magic

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern over 4,000 years old that has been found in various forms throughout the world from Finland to Greece and India to the Americas. The labyrinth has come into the consciousness of humans in waves from as early as 2,500 BCE. The labyrinth can be used as a tool that can re-integrate our scattered energy; mend our fragmented self and bring about deeper spiritual focus. It can lead us to divine inspiration, mirroring the journey of our lives with its twisting path leading to sacred center. This workshop will include the history, types and uses, followed by a walk in the labyrinth.

The Serpent Path

Within our bodies lie 7 major energy centers, the chakras.  In many traditions, our body’s vital energy is seen as contained within and moving among these centers. Kundalini, which rests in the root chakra at the base of the spine, is often represented by a cobra, unwinding and rising up, connecting, cleansing, and opening our pathways as it comes into its full power. The cobra’s hood opens as the energy pours into the crown chakra and consciousness expands. The classical labyrinth, an ancient tool, can be utilized to connect more consciously with the chakra centers.  In this workshop we will use the 7 circuit classical labyrinth as a tool to work with our energy centers and open our chakra pathways. Together, we will seek to find balance and experience the labyrinth on a deeper level.


Larry Duckles (aka “Chainsaw Larry”)

Larry has been making mead and crafting other alcoholic beverages for 23 years. He is also a practicing heathen for 20 years and member of The Oakridge Fellowship kindred in northern New Jersey. He has a BS in Biology and attended Rutgers University’s Biology graduate program and has worked in pharmaceutical and food science for more than 15 years. His interest in making mead in particular stemmed from both his love of adult beverages as well as his keen interest in science. He has brewed mead and beer here in the United States, and during his time at the College of Menuth in Ireland. Over time, his dedication to making mead became a labor of love and devotion to his gods. His various creations have won awards at The East Coast Thing, an annual gathering of heathens in the Northeast United States. Larry has previously presented mead making workshops at Fires of Venus gathering in Darlington, MD and presented and participated in the brewers’ workshop and club at The East Coast Thing in Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife and 2 dogs in Northern NJ.

Mead, the world’s first alcoholic beverage

Mead. It conjures thoughts of Renaissance Faires, our beloved pagan festivals, drinking horns and friends gathered around fires in celebration or ritual. This workshop will touch on the history of mead and the basic science and current explosion in popularity of this eldest of alcoholic beverages. Our main focus here is to take you through the steps of creating a mead together specifically for Harvest Gathering to be shared at next year’s festival among those attendees who wish to partake. For this workshop, Larry (known affectionately as Chainsaw Larry) and his lovely assistant (his wife) will be bringing together the ingredients and taking the participants through the initial process of creating this batch of mead for Harvest Gathering 2018.


Ashleigh Abramovich

Ashleigh has practiced yoga for 17 years and lived in San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles and currently resides in New York City. In each city, yoga and meditation has been the golden thread she has connected to.  She is attracted to yoga because it has inspired her to find balance, joy and new ways to move through her life on and off the mat. In yoga you are always good enough and you have everything you need inside of you.

Relax yoga class

All Strala classes move slowly and continuously, guided with deep breath and easygoing movement from your middle. A moving flow is produced and designed to relax the body and mind, build awareness, and prepare you to move with ease, creating a refreshed and energized state.The stronger classes will build on strength, balance and flexibility, leaving you in a centered, invigorated state while dropping tension.

All classes welcome long-time practicers next to beginners, and everybody gets to move easily from right where they are.

Introduction to Meditation 

In this workshop Ashleigh will share with you an introduction to meditation focusing on body sensation and working with our environment to release tension and anxiety. She will share tools with you that can be taken from paradise back into your daily lives. There will be 15 minutes of introduction, 30 minutes of guided meditation and time for sharing and discussion.


Shaman Monkey Rock

Getting his inspiration from the festival circuit, Shaman Monkey Rock has evolved as an audio and visual force over the years from being "something that sounds fun to do" to performing house parties, school dances, sweet 16's, graduation parties, outdoor raves, and weddings. He brings his ever-evolving light show and diverse and growing knowledge of dance / party rock, hip-hop, ethnic beats (such as pure and electronic forms of Middle Eastern, Indian, and South American), radio-friendly pop, and several genres of electronic dance music (such as big beat, trance, and psychedelic) to eager party-goers. He may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..