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Cori Burke has been part of the CWPN community for the past 21 years as a student, teacher, High Priestess, CWPN President, and graphic designer. She has studied everything from Paganism, Wicca, The Gods, the Mysteries, and more. Her formal training is as a third degree High Priestess in both Alexandrian and Gardnerian Traditions, and for 10 years she co-ran a Coven. Currently she practices on her own, does oracular work for the Gods, is a henna artist, a jewelry designer, face and body painter, an Associate Art Director for a large corporation and the CWPN’s Harvest Gathering Designer. Beyond that, she’s a mom.

Gayle Nogas M H is the founder of Gayle's Thyme & Herbal Apothecary in Enfield, CT since 1995. Gayle's . Gayle offers classes, demonstrations and workshops using herbs and aromatherapy for healing your mind, body and spirit. Gayle is very active with, teaching, workshops and lectures at home and at various locations in the area. Gayle can be reached through her website www.gaylesthyme.com and on Facebook.


 Mayra Cañas's interests outside of her parents' religion began in middle school where she first discovered the Greek Gods. This was followed by an introduction to the runes in high school and her first encounter with Odin. She is a walker between the worlds, a healer, energy worker, and seer who has identified as Pagan for over 25 years. A devotional polytheist, Mayra is dedicated to both Hecate and the Morrigan. Her practice includes the Greek Irish and Norse pantheon as well as the Orishas of the Lukumi traditions. Aside from devotional work, facilitating connections and helping others tap into their own talents is the most rewarding aspect of her work.

Bernadette Montana has been teaching and practicing Wicca, the Tarot and Native American practices for over 30 years. She is a 3rd degree priestess in the Alexandrian tradition and Progressive ways under Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, a tribal member and pipe carrier of the Sun Bear tribe (an all nations tribe), and a tribal member of the Baramaya tribe (Taino bloodline). Currently a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, Bernadette has given classes in the Tarot, and in Wicca, in shops all over Orange County NY. These shops include The Sugar Loaf Inn, Windows to the Sky, Sunshine Studios and others. She currently owns her own metaphysical shop in Cornwall, NY called Brid's Closet. Bernadette also facilitates events and festivals in Orange County NY, such as The Beltane Festival in Cornwall and The Yule Celebration in New Windsor, and organizes The Newburgh and Cornwall Witches Meet-Up (the largest meet-up group in the lower Hudson Valley area)