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 Jimmy Clark has been a music industry professional his entire adult life. He owns and operates his business
JC Music & WellnessLLC, where he has provided teaching, mentoring, or for-hire services for 26
years. He is an active performer, appearing annually at large scale benefit events, and a prolific music
producer. In 2017 alone, Jimmy recorded 33 Pagan songs (originals and covers), and he is an active
community member, spending time with Pagans from Nevada, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusettes,
New York, and beyond.

Jimmy has released many albums, toured nationally and internationally, and he works with a wide array
of music professionals to create Neo-Pagan rock and folk music.
For the last 6 years, Jimmy has been a member of Hands Of Change, a coven based out of New jersey
that celebrates a 21 year tradition. He is currently in his Priest training.
Jimmy is also a certified yoga instructor, holding a 300 hour certification, as well as certifications as an
Usui Reiki master teacher, all skills he applies to his business as a musician and healing arts practioner.
In 2017 Jimmy and his songwriting partner Josh Kobel began the process of creating a Tarot Card
music collection, where they intend to write and fully produce a song for each card in the deck.
This is a massive project and one that is very much managed with magickal practices such as the ones
to be explored in Jimmy's Magick In Music class. As of December 2017, the duo have completed 11
out of 21 cards/songs from the Major Arcana.